Thoughts on PyCharm

JetBrains, the folks that bring you Intellij IDEA, have recently released PyCharm, a Python IDE. I downloaded the 30-day eval copy and thought I’d share my thoughts after using it a few hours.

First, responsiveness. I found PyCharm to be quite slow. I thought Eclipse was heavy to the point of unresponsive, but PyCharm gives Eclipse a run for its money in the sluggishness department.

Second, code inspection. PyCharm’s code inspection is downright awesome. (Code inspection while programming in Python–what a concept!) I must say, coming from a Java/Intellij environment where code inspection is a given, what a nice thing to have. That said, NetBeans does have some python code checking, and it’s free.

Third, price. $99 USD. Not too painful–it’s under my magic three-digit barrier by a dollar–but, compared to the price of Netbeans or even Vim or Geany (free), it’s nearly $100 more. The question becomes, is code inspection and sluggishness worth 99 bucks?

Bottom line–I can’t really see the point of shelling out $99 for PyCharm. If you really want to code in an IDE, try NetBeans, it’s got code inspection for free. Otherwise, stick with a glorified code editor like EMACS or Vim (with a bunch of nice plugins), TextMate (on the Mac) or Geany.


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