Rails.vim rocks!

For my Ruby on Rails development, I have waffled between (g)vim and gedit. Tim Pope’s excellent rails.vim script not only tips the scales to gvim, in my opinion it completely blows away nearly any other ide for Rails dev, lightweight, heavyweight, or otherwise.

To install, download from the vim scripts site, follow the installation instructions, and start or re-start vim.
There are a ton of commands available; I’ll just walk through the ones I use most often:
First, to create a new rails project, use :Rails . This creates a rails project in a folder called .
You can run script commands with :Rscript–for example, :Rscript generate controller entries, or :Rscript generate model entry create.
I like to work with documents on multiple tabs in gvim. There are a half dozen commands beginning with :RT to open a document in a new tab. For example, to edit a model class, I type :RTmodel, hit space, then hit tab, whereupon you will be presented with model names to choose from. You can do the same thing with :RTcontroller, :RTview, and :RTmigration.


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