Fixing mouse pointer issues in Ubuntu 10.4 (Lucid Lynx)

I upgraded to Lucid Lynx this week. I really like a lot of the new features. I am able to sync my Tomboy Notes to Ubuntu One, and the latter also has a new music store that is available by default in Rhythmbox and can be added via an extension to Banshee. More on that later.
I did notice, however, that after the upgrade my mouse pointer was the KDE Oxygen-themed mouse (I have KDE installed as well)–even when I use Gnome. Simply changing the pointer in Preferences-Appearance wasn’t enough.
Turns out, I have to do both that and one other thing.
First, enter the following in a terminal window:
sudo update-alternatives –config x-cursor-theme
Select the line number of the cursor you want to use.
Then, go to Preferences > Appearance, and click Customize…. Click the pointer tab, and select the same pointer you selected above.
If you don’t do both, for some reason, the “busy” pointer is different than the one you selected.


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