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Disabling Enter press for form submission

Sometimes, you just gotta disable pressing the Enter key to submit a form. Maybe you are requiring the user to perform certain actions, maybe you are forced to support multiple browsers and pressing Enter doesn’t perform the same way in … Continue reading

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Submitting a form from an a href link

Okay, Okay, I admit it. I’m javascript challanged. As a Java developer, I’ve looked down my nose at paltry javascript, treating it as a “me-too” technology trying to cash in on the hype surrounding java all these years.As a result, … Continue reading

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Rails.vim rocks!

For my Ruby on Rails development, I have waffled between (g)vim and gedit. Tim Pope’s excellent rails.vim script not only tips the scales to gvim, in my opinion it completely blows away nearly any other ide for Rails dev, lightweight, … Continue reading

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Installing Sun Java in Ubuntu Lucid

My upgrade to Lucid blew my Sun Java 6 JDK installation away, which was my default Java installation. No problem, right? Just run a sudo apt-get sun-java6 blah blah blah and we’ve got it back… Well, no. Ubuntu has moved … Continue reading

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Fixing mouse pointer issues in Ubuntu 10.4 (Lucid Lynx)

I upgraded to Lucid Lynx this week. I really like a lot of the new features. I am able to sync my Tomboy Notes to Ubuntu One, and the latter also has a new music store that is available by … Continue reading

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