How to create a gdeb package from an .rpm package

Occasionally, you’ll need to install software that’s only currently available as an .rpm package, meaning it is specifically packaged for a Red Hat Linux distro. These can be used to create a debian package, however, that can then be installed easily under Ubuntu. The program “alien” is used to do this:

  1. Open a terminal window by going to Applications > Accessories > Terminal.
  2. In the terminal window, type
    sudo apt-get alien

    then press Enter. If prompted to enter your password, do so, then press Enter.

  3. Follow the prompts to install alien.
  4. To create a gdeb package, enter in the terminal window
    sudo alien --scripts 

    then press Enter, and follow the prompts.

You know have a gdeb package. In order to install the package, go to Applications > System Tools > GDebi Package Installer, select your new package, and away you go!


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